Justice (A World Made Right)

A great sermon from my church about Justice! 12063699_10153197333523201_4327453930309267050_n



Starbucks Cups, Video Rants, And Christians Who’ve Lost The Plot

And they’ll know we are Christians by our breathless, intolerant rants. You may have seen this video by perpetually bearded, squinting, close-yelling, backward hat-wearing, Christian video guy Joshua Feuersetin or others from him. He’s now ubiquitous social media Christian culture. In this latest parking lot short film, Feuerstein once again rattles off some loud, raw-throated, WWE-style, machine gun pontificating; this time sermonizing about […]


Book Review: “10 Things Great Dads Do” by Rick Johnson

This book is stuffed with ideas and inspiration. Take your pick from loads of examples, advice and especially strategies that will be sure to kickstart your fatherhood. I disagreed with a couple of his suggestions, but there’s still much food for thought and action. Ten pack chapters cover many of the vital areas of fatherhood, […]


Normal People Lead Average Lives: 7 Ways To Not Only Love Your Weirdness, But Use It

attebery1. Re-define your ‘ideal partner’ not as who best complements the person you’d like to be, but who can love and live with the person you are now. Open yourself up to the odd but honest parts of you – you’re more likely to find a compatible partner and fulfilling relationship, both with someone else…


REI Won’t Open On Black Friday, Tells Everyone To Go Play Outside

The outdoor equipment co-op REI sells gear for people to have fun, well, outdoors. That’s why it makes sense that they’ve started a campaign encouraging all of us to spend the day after Thanksgiving having fun outside. Oh, and they’re including store employees in that mandate: stores will be closed, and employees will have that […]